The Junior Leadership Team

 Every year we a group of 6 students in Year 10 are appointed as the Junior Leadership Team (JLT). This team consists of the Head Girl, 3 Deputy Head Girls and 2 Assistant Head Girls. The students must apply for the post and there is always tough competition and then staff are consulted before the short listing takes place, and the Year 10 students vote in order to express their preference, each student must conduct a meeting of the Year 7 or 8 School Council, they must deliver an assembly as a group and finally they must give a presentation to the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher’s and their Year Leader before being interviewed.

The girls have a wide range of responsibilities, from leading teams of prefects, chairing the various Year Councils and Whole School Council and are called upon to represent the school at various events, including our Open Evenings and Celebration of Achievement Evenings.