Our Saints

St Adele

St. Adele founded a convent and became its first Abbess, ruling with holiness, prudence, and compassion. After a devout life filled with good works and communion with God, she passed on to her heavenly reward in 730. 

St.Adele’s Feast Day is December 24th.

House Leader- Miss N. Darkowa

Our Motto: ‘Do the impossible – Set fire to the rain’

St Angela

Angela de Merici was a lovely young Italian woman. She gathered children around her and taught them about Jesus and Mary. She helped sinful girls to become good once more. She built houses where they could live and be safe from temptation. She found fine, pure, wise young women to teach the children. She wanted sinless girls to help save sinful girls. She took Saint Ursula for her patron.

Her Feast Day is May 31st.

House Leader- Mr. Nketiah

Our Motto “If you believe it, you can Achieve it.”

St Cecilia

Cecilia was given in marriage to a youth named Valerian. She wore sackcloth next to her skin, and fasted, and invoked the saints and angels and virgins, beseeching them to guard her virginity.

Saint Cecilia, by preaching, converted four hundred persons, then Cecilia was arrested, and condemned to be suffocated in the baths, but Cecilia did not even break out into perspiration through the heat. An executioner was then sent to cut off her head in the bath. The man struck thrice without being able to sever the head from the trunk. He left her bleeding and she lived three days.

We celebrate her feast day on November 22nd.

House Leader- Mrs J. Holbrook

Our Motto “Hit the right notes to achieve your hopes.”

St Frances

Frances was born in Rome in 1384. Her parents wouldn’t allow her to become a nun and at twelve years of age she was married to a Roman noble. During the forty years of their married life they never had a disagreement. Her ordinary food was dry bread. Secretly she would exchange with beggars good food for their hard crusts; her drink was water, and her cup a human skull.

She lived always in the presence of God, and amongst many visions was given constant sight of her angel guardian, who shed such brightness around him that the Saint could read her midnight prayers by this light alone.

Her feast day is the day she died, March 9th.

House Leader- Miss. Watt

Our Motto “Students today, leaders tomorrow.”