Our SENCo:  Mrs. I. Ryan
Our Teaching Assistants: Mrs L Cook
Mrs C Corneille
Mrs B D’Sa
Mrs J Edwards
Mrs S Foster
Mrs A Gorrard-Smith
Mrs M Johnstone
Mrs S Zuberi

Special Education Needs

At St Catherine’s we recognise that every girl is unique and we value the distinctive qualities that they each contribute to our school community. We strive to support all of our students as appropriate, ensuring that they develop into confident, successful and happy young adults.

This is never truer than for our students with a special educational need and / or disability. There is a range of support available to enable the girls to access a challenging and enriching school experience. Students with needs are supported in class by Teaching Assistants, and where appropriate may receive small group or 1:1 support.

There is also a variety of further additional support opportunities provided to those students who meet the criteria and require a more specific and personalised intervention.

  • We work closely with a range of outside agencies to ensure that we are providing the girls with the best support possible, advisors for ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), (VI) Visual Impairment and (PD) Physical Disabilities to name a few.


The Hub Club supports pupils with numeracy, literacy and home learning.

  • A range of reading and spelling programmes are used, to enhance the reading and spelling of those students who continue to have difficulty in this area.


The Hub Club supports pupils with revision and home learning.

  • Those students with a history of need are tested ahead of their KS4 exams to see if they are entitled to any access arrangements in their GCSE exams.
  • Those students who qualify are supported as appropriate during the exam period.

Extra-curricular Activities/Visits offered:

  • Five days a week all students are able to attend the library after school to complete home learning.
  • For those pupils in KS4 there are opportunities across the year to attend a study and revision skills club with the SENCo after school.