School Council

The School Council

We have a vibrant School Council at St Catherine’s which we have worked hard over the last 3 years to build and we take the process of electing students to the School Council very seriously. Every year in the summer term, all students are given the opportunity to put their names forward and they are then expected to deliver a speech in their form groups explaining why they elected and this is followed by an election by secret ballot which is organized by the JLT and the Prefect Teams.

Two students from every form are elected to each Year Council which then meets on a 3 week cycle:

  1. Form Council
  2. Year Council
  3. Whole School Council

All meetings Year Council and Whole School Council Meetings are held after school on a Thursday between 3.20 – 4.10pm and each Year Council has a Link Teacher who works closely with them to support them in the work that they do.

The Whole School Council is made up of 2 students from every Year Council and it is their job to report the proposals and actions of their Year Council to all of the other year groups.

Other Student Voice and Leadership Opportunities

There are numerous other ways for students to become involved in student voice and student leadership including becoming:

  • A Junior House Leader
  • A Prayer Leader
  • A Peer Mentor
  • An Anti-bullying Peer Mentor
  • A Sports Captain

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