Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Y Connolly Head Teacher
Miss A Almeder Deputy Head Teacher (Maths)
Mrs S Ward Deputy Headteacher  (RE)
Mrs S Hayes Deputy Head Teacher  (History) 
Mrs D Cunningham Assistant Headteacher (History)
Mr M Allen Assistant Headteacher (Head of Music, Head of Business Studies & Teacher of DT)
Mr A Jones Assistant Headteacher (English)
Miss A Mann Assistant Headteacher (History)

Teaching Staff 

Ms L Addo Head of Design & Technology
Miss C Agnew Religious Education
Miss S Agui Mathematics
Miss I Ahima English (HOY Y9)
Miss T Allen English (AHOY Y11)
Miss S Banks Design and Technology
Miss A Benson Teaching & Learning Co-ordinator Religious Education
Mrs M Benson English
Miss H Brown Science
Mrs E Bryant Music 
Mr M Bundy Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Miss P Carlomagno Business
Miss S Carroll

History (AHOY 9)

Mrs E Cato-Sargeant

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr J Considine Mathematics
Miss H Corthorne Modern Foreign Languages (Head of Adele House)
Mr J Currie Design and Technology/Art
Miss N Darkowa Head of Computing & ICT (Head of Cecelia)
Mr M Elgot History
Miss C Francis Head of Mathematics
Mrs E Freeman Joint Head of Religious Education
Mr J Hayter Media Co-ordinator & Media Resources Officer
Miss C Holland Geography (HOY 8)
Miss N Holsgrove English
Mrs L Husband Physical Education
Miss Z Joanes Music (AHOY 8)
Mrs M Johnstone Modern Foreign Languages/Teaching Assistant
Mr R Lenihan Teaching & Learning Co-ordinator Science 
Miss K Man Teaching & Learning Co-ordinator English
Miss E Mannah Science
Miss L McDonagh Head of Geography
Mr T McNamara Maths Lead Teacher
Miss K Monin Science (HOY 11)
Ms S Mulroy Pastoral Support
Miss M Nadeem Science (AHOY 10)
Mrs E O’Donnell Teaching & Learning Co-ordinator KS3 Science 
Mrs F Pain Mathematics
Mrs L Pettett Joint Head of Religious Education
Mrs S Ramsay French Lead Teacher
Miss C Ramsey Science maternity leave
Mrs H Richardson Head of Physical Education (maternity leave)
Mr M Roebuck Teaching & Learning Co-ordinator Mathematics
Mrs I Ryan SENCO
Miss S Sadler Religious Education
Ms D Sanovic English Lead Teacher
Miss K Sayer Physical Education (AHOY 7)
Ms T Scheepers Physical Education
Miss K Scott Head of History
Miss R Shepherd Mathematics (HOY 10)
Miss K Smith Geography (ECM Co-ordinator)
Mrs J-A Smyth Mathematics (HOY 7)
Miss A Soubrier Teaching & Learning Co-ordinator Modern Foreign Languages
Miss C Tambe Religious Education
Mr A Taylor Head of Science
Miss Z Okoroji

Head of English

Mrs K Weavis Head of Art
Miss L Williams Acting Head of Drama
Miss M Wood Physical Education
Mrs P Williams English
Mrs P Woodcock Religious Education
Miss C Yardley Physical Education
Miss E Zalanyi Science

Support Staff 

Mrs L Ebers Business & Finance Manager
Mrs L Winchester  Finance Officer
Mr R Childs SLT Data Lead
Mrs E Hinch Data Manager / Exams Officer
Mrs J Lenihan PA to the Headteacher/ Office Manager
Ms W Boyle Cover Manager/Administrative Assistant
Mrs C Kingston Administrative Assistant
Miss S Sam Administrative Assistant
Mrs S Blake Administrative Assistant
Mrs D De Souza Receptionist
Miss K Smedmor Receptionist
Mrs D Gurney Attendance Officer
Mrs S Donnelly Librarian
Ms C Williams Chaplain
Mrs S Mulroy Counsellor
Miss L Fitzgerald

Marketing, Communications & Events Manager

Mr A Young Communication Information Systems Manager
Mr D Burls Network Administrator
Mrs L Turner Design Technology Technician
Mr C Dart Senior Science Technician
Mrs K Bridle Science Technician
Mrs N Howard Science Technician
Mrs M Redgrave Cover Supervisor
Mrs S Norman Cover Supervisor
Mrs J Marshman Pastoral Centre Manager
Mrs L Cook Learning Support
Mrs J Edwards Learning Support
Mrs S Foster Learning Support
Mrs A Gorrard-Smith Learning Support
Miss C Corneille Learning Support
Mrs S Holcroft Midday Supervisor
Mrs L Soremekun Midday Supervisor
Mrs L De Souza Midday Supervisor
Mrs D Turner Midday Supervisor
Mrs R Wall Midday Supervisor/Art Classroom Support
Mr D Cox Facilities Manager
Mrs R McMullen Deputy Facilities Manager
Mr T Palmer Assistant Facilities Officer
Mr O Meslek Assistant Facilities Officer
Mrs C Buckley Cleaner
Mrs M Bushell Cleaner
Miss E Dobson Cleaner
Mrs K Dobson Cleaner
Miss Z Fullagar Cleaner
Mrs M Gurung Cleaner
Mrs L Kirwan Cleaner
Miss S Mills Cleaner
Ms J Payne Cleaner
Mrs S Perks Cleaner
Miss R Sadler Cleaner