Governing Body Membership 2017-2018

Establishment Composition (Updated 22/11/2017)

Governor Type Ideal Actual Vacancies
Foundation 11 6 5
Parent 3 2 1
Staff 4 2 2
Total 18 10 8

CHAIR:- Mr B Connell

Vice Chair:- Mrs K Laponder

Committee Structure





Mr B Connell             (CHAIR)

Mrs K Laponder

Mr T Kennedy

Mrs L Brooks

Mrs Y Connolly

Ms L McDonagh


Mr B Connell

Mr S Fox

Mrs J Sampson

Mrs Y Connolly

Mr B Connell (CHAIR)

Mrs S Brame

Mrs L Pettett

Mrs Y Connolly

Ms L Brooks (CHAIR)

Mrs K Laponder

Mrs J Sampson

Mrs Y Connolly

In Attendance:- Mrs S Hayes

Miss A Almeder

In Attendance:- Mr P Kershaw

Mr G Carrano

In Attendance:-

Mrs L Ebers

In Attendance:-

Mrs J Strong

Governors with Particular Interest

SEN Mr B Connell, Mrs K Laponder

School Improvement 


Inclusion Mrs K Laponder

School Ethos All Governors

Attendance Mr B Connell

Performance Mgt Mrs K Laponder 

Responsible Officer
Baxter & Co (Auditors)

Review Officer Mr B Connell
Student Voice Mr B Connell.
Health & Safety 

School Finances Mrs L Ebers

Governor Training: Vacancy


Appointment of H/T, D/H/T & DOLs:
Full Governing Body

Link Governors


Maths Mr B Connell


RE Vacancy

MFL Humanities Vacancy


Arts Vacancy

PE Mr B Connell


Staffing “First” Appeals/Dismissals

Mr B Connell

Mrs K Laponder

Student Discipline

Mr B Connell

Ms L Brooks



Mrs S Brame

Mr B Connell

Mrs J Sampson

Mrs Y Connolly


Resignations from the Governing Body 2016-2017

Dr G Houghton-Boyle - 5th December 2016
Mrs B Aleppo - 5th December 2017

New Appointments to the Governing Body

Mr T Kennedy
Mr S Fox
all appointed on 17th March 2017