Year 10

Our Year Team

SLT: Miss J. Strong and Mrs S. Ward

Head of Year: Ms J-A. Smyth

Assistant Head of Year: Mr M. Allen

Form Tutors:

10An1 – Mr M. Roebuck
10An2 – Mr M. Allen
10Ce1  – Mrs E. O'Donnell
10Ce2 – Ms S. Roberts
10Ad1  – Mrs K. Weavis
10Ad2 – Ms L. McDonagh
10Fr1   - Mrs L. Rata
10Fr2  – Ms Z.Watt

The pursuit of excellence is at the heart of Catholic education. Our students are nurtured to be the very best they can be in every way: in their learning, their spiritual selves, their moral nature and their physical well-being. Our students clearly understand what is expected of them in reflecting the high expectations and standards characteristic at St. Catherine’s.

We expect that they take a positive and purposeful approach to their lessons; that they are ‘Ready to Learn’. We also expect the rules that allow the community to live safely and harmoniously – the School Code – to be followed.

 We expect all our girls to manifest the values and standards of the school and so to reflect our Mission Statement, most especially the Gospel values that we cherish and promote.


Welcome to all pupils, parents and carers of Year 10. The whole Pastoral team are all very proud of how well the girls have settled into year 10 and especially coping with the strains of a new GCSE system.  This is a very busy year for our girls and we are here to offer whatever support and guidance they need.  As well as their studies, girls will have the opportunity to take part in the Arts Award and the Duke of Edinburgh scheme which are fantastic opportunities for all those involved. We would encourage every pupil to join an after school club, society or award scheme.

Keep up the great work and God Bless

Study Support and Advice

  • Monitor your daughter's bedtime. As they grow older your daughter's will tell you that they    should be allowed to stay up later but they still need a lot of sleep. Students who are tired find it difficult to concentrate and remain focused.
  • Agree a regular time for your daughter to do her Home Learning so that she has a routine. Ensure that she has a space to do this, whether that is in bedroom or at the kitchen or dining room table. Talk to your daughter about her work and ask her questions to show that you are interested.
  • Put a copy of her Home Learning timetable on the fridge so that you know what she should be expecting. Check her planner regularly to ensure that Home Learning has been written down.
  • Encourage your daughter to regularly use ShowMyHomework to help her keep track of home learning and prioritise her work.
  • If you know there are areas that your daughter needs to make further progress in then find a way to support her with this e.g. if she has problems with spelling or subject specific vocabulary, put key words on the fridge or cupboard doors so that she can be reminded about them as she walks through the kitchen to get a drink or a snack. Test her on them.
  • Talk to your daughter about school and her learning.

Work Experience

All year 10 pupils will undertake a week of work experience from 10th-14th September 2018. It is never too early for the girls to start searching for suitable placements and approach those employers to see if they could be considered. We will be spending some time on the next ECM day showing the girls how to write a formal letter to a potential employer.

Y10 Arts Award

Arts Award is an opportunity for our Year 10’s to engage with an artistic passion that they have. Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it's creative, valuable and accessible. We are running the Bronze Award for Year 10.

Students have to:

  • Explore the arts as a participant
  • Explore the arts as an audience member
  • Be inspired by the arts by researching an artist
  • Pass on their arts skills to others (coaching)