Year 7

Our Year Team

Head of Year: Miss I. Ahima

Assistant Head of Year: Miss C. Holland

Form Leaders:

7An1- Mr M. Clarke

7An2- Miss H. Corthorne

7Ce1- Miss E. Mannah

7Ce2- Miss L. Lake

7Ad1- Miss C. Holland

7Ad2- Miss A. Mann

7Fr1- Mrs A. Salt

7Fr2- Miss S. Carroll


News and Events

Year 7 have made a fantastic start to the school year.  In September we had our form retreat days, our welcome Mass.  This term we are looking forward to the Head Teachers' Tea Party and the Year 7 Arts Evening.

Study Support and Advice

The library is open before school from 7. 30 am and after school until 5pm. It is also open at Lunchtimes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The Progress Centre is available from 8 to 8:30 am and after school until 5pm. Both areas can be used to complete Home Learning, research and receive additional support if needed. 

One of the most important things you can do to support your daughter is to ensure that she has a regular school day routine.  This should start with a good breakfast so that she is energised and able to focus on her learning from the very start of the day. Too many students arrive to school having not eaten, or eating something unsuitable.

Your daughter should be on time to school every day- the students that achieve the highest GCSE grades are the ones who have the best attendance and punctuality year on year.  She should be in school by 8:30 at the latest- please do insist that she comes straight to school and meets her friends here, not waiting around at the Broadway or in other areas.

It is also very important to have a disciplined evening routine- a quiet place where she can study, a clean and secure place for her to keep her books and learning materials, a set bedtime- a good night’s sleep is the best way to prepare yourself for learning and getting to school on time!

If you start with good habits they will last her throughout her school career.

Talk to your daughter about how her day at school has been- try to use open ended questions that will give you a clearer picture of how she is settling in: is she happy? Is she learning? e.g. Who did you spend break time with today? What did you have for lunch? What was your favourite lesson today?

Ensure your daughter is fully prepared for her day at school- in Year 7 she will require your help with this as it is a big culture change to get herself organised for learning compared to preparing for a day at primary school.

Please support your daughter by helping her check her timetable every evening so that she packs the correct books and equipment for the following day- this may include special items such as ingredients for DT Food lessons, or her PE kit.

Ask if there have been any letters or notes sent home that day- often these are stuffed in their bag never to be seen again, but if you ask she is more likely to dig them out!

Please also check her planner on a daily basis as this will help her prepare for the school day- which Home Learning pieces are due to be submitted the following day and so on.

Encourage your daughter to complete her Home Learning on the day it is set- this means that if there is any issue she will have time to return to the teacher for extra assistance; it is also good to do it while it is still fresh in her mind from that day’s lesson.  Most home learning help can also be accessed via 

Check her planner yourself and make sure the Home Learning completed corresponds with what has been set- ask to see her school books and the home learning that has been done.

The planner can also be used as one of the first points of communication between home and school- you may find communication there from teachers to you and you are welcome to use the planner to communicate information to them.

We ask that you sign the planner once a week to acknowledge that you have seen what is in it and responded to any correspondence. Your daughter’s form leader will sign the planner on a weekly basis too.

Another important document in the school planner is the medical form- we ask that you complete a full form that is kept on file but you must also complete the form within the planner as this is the one your daughter will carry with her on a daily basis.

The first page within the planner is a contact information page- this will need to be filled in with your name and phone numbers- please keep this up to date, if you change phone number, address or if your daughter is being looked after by a relative for some reason you must let the school know immediately, in writing, so that you are always contactable in an emergency.

Encourage your daughter to get involved in wider school life- join clubs, enter competitions, attend events as this will help her to make friends and more quickly become part of the St Catherine’s community.