Year 8

Head of Year: Miss C. Holland

Assistant Head of Year: Miss Z. Joanes

Form Tutors:

8An1: Ms A. Soubrier
8An2: Miss Z. Joanes
8Ce1: Ms N. Darkowa
8Ce2: Mr T. McNamara
8Ad1: Ms D. Sanovic
8Ad2: Ms N. Holsgrove
8Fr1:  Ms E. Zalanyi
8Fr2: Miss L. Williams

The pursuit of excellence is at the heart of Catholic education. Our students are nurtured to be the very best they can be in every way: in their learning, their spiritual selves, their moral nature and their physical well-being. Our students clearly understand what is expected of them in reflecting the high expectations and standards characteristic at St. Catherine’s.

We expect that they take a positive and purposeful approach to their lessons; that they are ‘Ready, respectful and safe’. We also expect the rules that allow the community to live safely and harmoniously – the School Code – to be followed.

We expect all our girls to manifest the values and standards of the school and so to reflect our Mission Statement, most especially the Gospel values that we cherish and promote.

News and events

Congratulations to our students for completing their first year of secondary school. We had many things to celebrate last year, including numerous sports day records! We look forward to celebrating a wide variety of achievements this year, and encourage the girls to get involved in as many extra-curricular parts of school life as possible.

As a year team, we have signposted this academic year as our year of excellence. We are excited to see this evident in our students’ conduct, their classes and their conversations. We appreciate your consistent encouragement and the celebration of excellence in your daughters.

Organisation is a skill set that we encourage the students to master. This includes being prompt to school and lessons. Having your daughter pack her school bags the night before, and completing homework immediately will ensure they are well prepared.

Study and support advice

The school library is open until 5 pm every evening, homework can be done here.

What can parents do to support students’ learning?

  • Monitor your daughter’s bedtime. They still need a lot of sleep and will find it hard to concentrate if they are tired.
  • Agree a regular time and place for your daughter to do her homework. Make sure that she is able to work without being disturbed whether in the dining room or a bedroom.  Talk to your daughter about her work and ask her questions.
  • Put a copy of the homework timetable in a key place such as on the fridge so that you (and she) can easily check it and know what to expect.
  • Check her planner to sign it every week but also to make sure homework has been written down and encourage her to use
  • Check with your daughter to see if she has specific problem areas such as spellings; help test her or break it into smaller tasks.
  • Support your daughter by establishing clear routines.