Year 9

Head of Year: Miss R Shepherd

Assistant Head of Year: Miss M Nadeem

Form Tutors

​​9An1 – Miss A Benson
9An2 – Mrs K Jess
9Ce1 – Mrs S Ramsay
9Ce2 – Miss M Nadeem
9Ad1 – Miss K Man
9Ad2 – Miss S Sadler
9Fr1 – Miss K Smith
9Fr2 – Miss C Yardley

Myself and Miss Nadeem are extremely proud of the progress our students made in Year 8. Last year was a fantastic year filled with achievement points, success and fun. We recognised our successes together in our celebration assemblies and had a number of trips including PGL, a cinema visit and time at the bowling alley (and even some time for some dancing). With the help of Miss Upal, we began to start thinking about future careers for ourselves, with some students taking part in the NHS Skills Club and another group taking part in the Institution of Engineering and Technology Challenge and winning! As a year group, we all took part in The National Enterprise Challenge 2018 and some students went on to represent our school in the grand final.

We are excited for all the achievement that Year 9 holds as we grow and mature in preparation for our GCSE courses. This year we will begin to think about options and make exciting plans for our futures.

Important Dates

  • Parents’ Evening Tuesday 22nd January
  • Key Stage 4 Choices Evening Monday 14th January
  • Summer Exams April and May

Study Support and Advice

This is a very important year for the Year 9 students, as they embark upon their final year in Key Stage 3 and make decisions about their Key Stage 4 options it is important that we support and encourage them to remain organised and focused.

Monitor your daughter's bedtime. As they grow older your daughter's will tell you that they should be allowed to stay up later but they still need a lot of sleep. Students who are tired find it difficult to concentrate and remain focused.

Agree a regular time for your daughter to do her Homework so that she has a routine. Ensure that she has a space to do this, talk to your daughter about her work and ask her questions so she is able to demonstrate her learning.

Put a copy of her homework timetable on the fridge so that you know what she should be expecting. Check her planner regularly and to ensure that homework has been written down.