St Catherine's Catholic School


Our SENCO: Miss N. Konadu-Aboagye

Our Teaching Assisstants: Mrs C. Corneille, Mrs J. Edwards, Mrs A. Gorraed-Smith and Mrs S. Banks

Special Educational Needs and Disability

The curriculum is ambitious for all pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) - June 2022 Ofsted Report

At St Catherine’s, we recognise that every student is unique and we value the distinctive qualities that each student will bring to our school community. We strive to offer an inclusive education where possible, to all of our students to ensure that their time here is a positive enriching experience where learning and pastoral needs are met within the context of the whole school community.

As a department, we work alongside teaching staff to support students identified with significant learning needs set out in the SEND ‘Code of Practice’ (2015). This support may be ‘hands on’ in a classroom setting or where appropriate students may receive small group or 1:1 interventions. In addition, we also work closely with a range of outside agencies within Bexley Local Authority to ensure that we are providing the best support possible for our young people; advisors for ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), (VI) Visual Impairment and (HI) Hearing Impaired to name a few.

Members of the Special Educational Needs and Disability Department are committed to ongoing personal and professional development in order to extend their knowledge and expertise. Opportunities are also given for all staff to benefit from a range of training sessions on SEND issues delivered throughout the year.

Support Available:

  • The library is open after school every day for students to complete homework.
  • A wealth of enrichment clubs are available for all students to attend during lunch times and after the school day.
  • The Learning Brain programme empowers students to discover how they learn best and what works for them-metacognition.
  • A 12 week anxiety management course is run by a school counsellor to support students with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) issues.
  • The ‘Aspire’ reading programme supports students in developing single word reading and comprehension skills.

Leaders have ensured that there is a clear process for the identification and assessment of the needs of pupils with SEND. Leaders make sure that teachers know what strategies will best support these pupils. This means that pupils with SEND can access the same curriculum as their peers - June 2022 Ofsted Report

The school's SENCO is Miss Konadu-Aboagye.  She can be contacted via