Shakespeare Schools Festival 2017

Photographs from the event!

On Wednesday the 15th of November, a group of our students took to the grand stage of Woodville Theatre to perform one of Shakespeare’s most renowned tragedies, Romeo and Juliet. This project was a part of the largest youth drama festival in the world - Shakespeare Schools Festival, which gives students all over the country the opportunity to explore one of Shakespeare’s texts to then perform in a professional theatre, supported by our family and friends.

We began this process in July with the auditions and casting but our journey took a temporary halt for the summer holidays. Once we resumed, we undertook months of intensive rehearsals. Guided by our directors, we familiarised ourselves with this different style of writing and, as a team, consistently strived to create an exceptional and accomplished piece of drama. These months of hard work built up to form our very successful production of Romeo and Juliet. It is just so enriching watching how this experience has transformed some of the other students, seeing them with their new found confidence that will last them a lifetime. It was such an exhilarating experience which we are all honoured to have been a part of.

Moyowa - Year 11