Share the Journey 2018

18th - 24th June

This week (18th-24th June) is Refugee week, and to commemorate this, the students at St Catherine’s have been focusing on this within their RE lessons, form time and also assemblies. Together, we are showing solidarity with the 65.6 million refugees by sharing their journey with them as Jesus calls for us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. Now, Pope Francis is calling for us to share a journey with our neighbours, particularly those who are most vulnerable. The Church is aiming to walk 24,900 miles, one trip around the world, and the students at St Catherine’s have been partaking in this to show support and solidarity with those who are refugees. During their RE lessons this week, each class has taken part in a liturgy in the Chapel before walking a mile in reflective prayer as it declares that together we are one human family. In addition to this, students have been writing prayers to for the refugees within form time, as a way of further showing their solidarity and asking for God to help and protect those in a time of crisis.