Careers Information, Advice and Guidance - Work Experience Information for Year 11

Work Experience Information for Year 11

During your summer holidays:

  • If you still need to attend an interview or an induction please make sure you do this before you return to school in September, unless the employer has agreed to do it on the first day of your placement
  • If you have already attended an interview or do not need to attend one it would be courteous to call, email or visit your employer to say you look forward to joining them in September
  • With parent consent and where possible, practice your travel to and from your workplace. If you are travelling into London, have at least two routes that you are familiar with as public transport can be unreliable.

When you return to school:

  • Your Form Tutor will give you another copy of your Placement Information Form, in case you have misplaced it
  • You will also receive your work experience logbook and an emergency contact information form that will need to be completed and signed by parent/carer
  • On Friday 6th September you will have a work experience briefing assembly

During your placement:

  • On the first day of your placement, take your logbook and the emergency contact information form. Keep your logbook safe and hand your emergency contact information form to your supervisor
  • Fill in your logbook on each day of your placement
  • On the last day of your work experience, make sure you ask the employer to complete the back pages as these can be used for references for sixth forms and colleges

After your placement:

  • Complete your logbooks and keep them safe in your citizenship folders as you may need to take these to your post-16 interviews
  • Update your CV with the new skills and experience that you have achieved
  • Send a thank you letter or email to your supervisor