Year 9 Inter-House Benchball

Mr Nketiah - Angela House Leader

After Year 10’s excellent performance last week, it was Year 9’s opportunity to showcase their enthusiasm, competitiveness and determination in this week’s Bench ball competition. And they didn’t disappoint. All the girls showed incredible levels of commitment and most importantly, team work. Despite having the fewest number of players; 8, Angela managed to emerge victorious due to their resourcefulness and tactical astuteness. Adele House also deserve a special mention for having the highest number of participants. For their commitment they were awarded 1 extra point, taking them from 3rd place to tied 2nd with Frances House. Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all who partook, and they all cannot wait for next Term’s Inter-House sporting event. Over to you, Year 8s!


1st  ANGELA 1000pts (14)

2nd  ADELE 750pts (8)

2nd  FRANCES 750pts (8)

4th CECELIA 250pts (2)