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Areas Studied

In the Art department we believe that all students have a particular talent, an individual ability. We endeavour to discover and build on that strength whether it is drawing, painting, sculpture or any other form of creative expression.


The major focus in KS3 is about providing a baseline of skills and doing the simple things well.

We establish a solid foundation from which students are happy to expand and explore individual pathways and risk taking in KS4.

Drawing successfully plays a significant part in boosting student confidence.

Initially we concentrate on looking, drawing exactly what we see (observational drawing) before moving onto personal interpretation, utilising an open mind.

We explore unusual media working on different sizes, scales and surfaces, showing that drawing is not just a two dimensional activity and is not restricted to traditional outcomes.

Schemes of work vary from year to year. We review and refine them to ensure we address the needs and challenges of all abilities.

Year 7

Folder design – colour blending using paint. Students are reminded or instructed on how to use paint, brushes and palettes effectively.

Line and tone. Students explore basic shading and contrast.

Illustration projects – cross curricular opportunities with English.

A3 pencil/charcoal self portrait. Students use mirrors and focus on proportion, shading, contrast and texture.

Observational drawing lessons in and around the school grounds – weather permitting.

Sculptural masks using paper, based on facial expressions. A4.

Colour theory. Using paint, students explore colour theory and complementary colours.

Picasso – ‘Weeping Woman’ contextual studies. Students learn how to research thoroughly and appropriately, presenting their findings in an imaginative composition.

Year 8

Sketchbook cover – typographical design/illustration. A piece of graphic design featuring the student’s name using coloured pencils.

Folder design – ‘The Flavour of Tears’ by Magritte. An introduction to Surrealism, analysing a symbolic image and producing a pencil drawing on folders.

Surrealism – contextual studies. Research and presentation based on the concept of Surrealism, looking at Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali.

Perspective – linear and aerial.

Hogarth – contextual studies. ‘Satire on False Perspective’.

Surreal landscape. An A2 piece of work exploring imagination, perspective, scale, juxtaposition and composition.

Strange Menagerie 3D work

‘Magic Garden’ – collage/montage with PHOTOSHOP/PROJECTION based on a Surreal building and garden.

Year 9

Sketchbook cover – sweet wrapper with student name in place of the product.

Observational drawing using coloured pencils.

Pop Art – contextual studies looking at Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein focusing on the concept of turning the ordinary into Art work. Explore using PHOTOSHOP/PROJECTION

Folder design – ‘The Scream’. Painting in an Expressionistic style using acrylic paints.

Munch – contextual studies. Research and presentation in sketch books.

‘My Life in a Matchbox’ – 3D project.

‘Dreams and Nightmares’ or ‘Heroes and Villains’. A piece of relief work/print making (print press) using an expressionistic style and various media to create mood and atmosphere.

 Mural work. Cross curricular projects currently focusing on Maths (Lichtenstein) and English (The Lady of Shalott).


KS4 schemes of work are varied, reviewed and updated regularly to address exam themes.

Year 10

Front cover designs are based on Aboriginal Art Or Tribal Art.

Back cover designs are a piece of pencil drawing of M. C. Escher’s ‘Hands’.

A3 figurative pencil drawing of a self portrait. Montage self portrait. Both projects will then lead to use of Photoshop and graphics fine art.

Tin sculpture OR Another sculpture – a Surreal interpretation focus on conceptual art.

Contextual study – Stanley Spencer.

3D sculptural work, ‘What goes on inside your head’ based on the work of Eileen Agar.

Relief work – ‘Camouflage’.

Controlled assessment based on ‘Favourite Things’.

‘Diary’ – home learning task for holidays.

Mono printing and lino printing.

‘Fauvism’ – drawing with paint.

Students are encouraged to involve computer work and photography in their coursework.

Ten hour end of year exam based on a given theme.

Year 11

Review and refine year 10 work

Begin prep for mock exam.

Trip to the Tate Modern.

Ten hour mock exam before Christmas.

Begin prep for final exam.

Trip to the Horniman Museum.

Final ten hour exam.

GCSE exhibition.

News and Events

The Art department continues to maintain strong links with local Art specialists and Subject Leaders from neighbouring schools in a continued attempt to share good practice and expand our curriculum.

Extra Curricular Activities

The Art department is open and available to students when they need it.

We have an Art club after school to offer help and support or to simply use as a home learning opportunity. KS4 have a specific Art Clinic to troubleshoot any GCSE problems. We offer Saturday morning and holiday sessions nearer exam times.

Further Information

If you would like to find out more about the Art curriculum, please contact Mrs Weavis at: