Breakdown of Year Group Activities

Students begin to receive Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) in Year 7 through the exploration of their ‘Dream Jobs and Personality Types’. They are also encouraged to develop their transferable skills, and begin to consider personal finance.


In Year 8 they have the opportunity to explore the World of Work, salaries and expenditure through playing ‘The Real Game’ and through the school's Citizenship programme.


There is an increased emphasis on Careers from Year 9 through to the end of Year 11.  Students are encouraged to consider their interests in detail, and understand Progression Routes, before making their Option Choices in Year 9.  The Year 9 Careers provision begins with a Careers Conference. Students then begin to prepare their Personal Development Plans and explore their interests through the Fast Tomato programme. They also have the opportunity to hear about the GCSE courses before making their Key Stage 4 subject choices. Later in the year there is a Career Networking morning, when students interview local employers to learn about employability skills and the employer’s perspective.  Year 9 students also have targeted group interviews with the Careers Advisor.


Year 10 students have the opportunity to discuss their plans and aspirations individually with the Careers Advisor and continue to prepare their Personal Development Plans. They are also expected to seek and secure a Work Experience Placement for the start of Year 11.  They are supported in this, and in writing their application letters, making their phone calls and preparing for interview.  A popular element of their preparation for this stage is the Health and Safety at Work training provided by the Ra Ra Theatre group. Year 10 students also have the opportunity to develop their Team working skills and business acumen during a day of Enterprise activities.


The focus for Information, Advice and Guidance for Year 11 is on securing the 16+provision most appropriate to their ability and aspirations. Students start the year with a one week Work Experience placement, providing them with a wonderful opportunity to understand the demands and expectations of the world beyond the classroom.  The Information Evening in October provides access to the majority of the local 16+ providers  and encourages students to begin the dialogue about which courses will be most suitable for their next stage, taking into consideration what they aspire to at 18+


Students are supported in writing their applications and personal statements.  They are prompted to meet deadlines and are prepared for interviews.  They are given every help and encouragement to ensure their continued success when they move on from St Catherine’s.