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Although not a KS3 subject, Business Studies is embedded in a number of Subject Area Schemes of Learning. English, Design Technology and ICT all offer opportunities to explore enterprise and business skills. This is in addition to the exciting ECM days that our students have throughout the year, with many activates focussed on enterprise skills.


The Edexcel GCSE in Business Studies is aimed at students who want to explore and be part of the world of business and industry. A business student will want to learn about the exciting subject of global economy and business.

We will encourage students to be inspired, moved and challenged by following a broad and satisfying course. Students will gain insight into how business are developed and operated.

Our extra-curricular business links and opportunities will help to apply a “real-world” foundation on which business skills can be developed.

Unit 1 + 2

Spotting a business opportunity

This unit teaches students the basics of business. We will look at how new business opportunities can be found through analysis techniques and market research. Data types and basic research techniques will be taught at this stage too.

We will look at “Adding Value” and how to successfully start a new business, exploring franchises and start-up locations.

Showing enterprise

This unit explores the skills we need to be enterprising. We will learn about creative thinking techniques and effective questioning. We will also explore the differences between innovation and invention.

Entrepreneurs have to take calculated risks. We will find out how to manage these risks, as well as other important skills for enterprise, such as effective planning and having determination.

Putting a business idea into practice

Starting a business is hard work. This topic explores financial and non-financial objectives that motivate new businesses. We also look at how finance is managed, estimating revenue, cost and profit. We will learn how to forecast cash flow and explore ways to obtain finance.

Making the start-up effective

This topic revolves around how customers and staff are pivotal to the success of a new business. New start-ups rely on more than just enterprising skills. We will explore the marketing mix and the importance of limited liability. We also explore legal issues and taxes such as VAT and income tax.

We will also learn about how to recruit and motivate staff as well as effective customer satisfaction. We will learn how business is about people and not just a person.

Understanding the economic context

We begin by learning what demand and supply is and how the balance between these can affect markets. Interest rates and changes to interest rates will also be explored. The business cycle can affect small businesses heavily and we will find out how. Lastly, we learn about the effect that business decisions have on stakeholders.

Unit 3


This topic considers how to make a business stand out in a competitive marketplace. The world of marketing explores how to gain the advantage. We will consider different types of research as well as product trials and repeat purchasing. The “product life cycle” will be explored, as well as branding and differentiation.

Meeting customer needs

Design and research development begins this topic, looking at function, cost and appearance. We look at how to manage stock and perform quality control. Cost-effective operations and competitiveness is learnt, as well as recapping on effective customer service. Lastly, we introduce consumer protection laws, such as “Trade Descriptions”.

Effective financial management

Building on Units 1 and 2, we learn about how to now improve cash flows and profit, rather than just forecast it. We will explore break-even charts and analysis methods to see how businesses.

Effective people management

People management involves how to deal with and lead staff in a business. Hierarchies and motivational theories are looked in to here, as well as how to communicate effectively. We also learn about remuneration and the importance of exploring issues from different perspectives.

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