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Current Year 10 students will take part in Work Experience at the beginning of Year 11 in September 2019. Taking part in Work Experience will allow students to gain valuable insight to the working world and will boost their education, employment, job and career prospects. This experience may also help them to explore careers that they may be thinking of undertaking when they leave school or education.

In order to avoid disappointment and to ensure the girls get the placements they really want we ask the girls to start contacting employers as soon as possible. A lot of employers want to see that the girls are ‘self-starters.’ This means that the girls should try and find their placements through their own research and perseverance. Employers may also ask for short interviews to make sure they are right for the company. These interviews must be organised outside of school time otherwise it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Merits will be awarded to Forms and individual students who secure their placements before March 2019. The earlier these are submitted the more the rewards will be!

Please see below for more information regarding the work experience.

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