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OCR J200 Media Studies


At St Catherine’s we have a small but very enthusiastic and dedicated Media Studies department. We offer the OCR GCSE j200 Media studies course. It is taught by Mr Hayter and Miss Holsgrove.

The 3 components of the course:

Component 01: Television and promoting media

There are two sections:

In section 1 A: Television, students engage with an in-depth study of one contemporary and one historic television products, responding to questions covering the whole of the theoretical framework and a range of media contexts. We study the Police TV drama Cuffs

In section 1B: Promoting media, students study media products from the same global conglomerate producer illustrating the media forms of film, advertising and marketing, and video games. We study Warner products like The Lego Movie and music videos by artists like Bruno Mars, Tiny Tempah, Beyonce and Little Mix

Component 02: Music and news

There are two sections:

In section 2A: Music, students engage with one in-depth study covering magazines, a comparative study of music videos and a study of contemporary radio. We study Mojo Magazine in detail and a range of its competitors

In section 2B: News, students engage with one in-depth study of online news, including its social and participatory media. Students also study contemporary and historical newspaper front pages and how they illustrate changing social, cultural, historical and political contexts.

Component 03/04: Creating media

3A Students apply their knowledge and understanding of media language and representations to create media products of their own, using the theoretical framework to express and communicate meaning to an intended audience. This is announced by the exam board in March but and will be a children’s’ TV program pilot, a music video a website or a video game or a lifestyle magazine

Would GCSE Media Studies be a suitable choice for me?

Media is a tough subject. Perhaps it’s the toughest one we teach at St Catherine’s because it requires an analytical and open mind and because of its broad scope. Media studies is history, film studies, advertising, video games, economics, radio, TV, newspapers, music videos, posters. It’s all about intertextuality and drawing links between these areas. There is also a practical piece of coursework which is very demanding and may require you to spend some time after school and at lunchtimes in the media suite. However Media Studies is ENJOYABLE too. Filling in this self-evaluation table may help you decide.

I watch TV and discuss it with my friends and family.


I listen to the news on the radio once a day.


I read a newspaper at least once a week.


I think I could write 250 original words about absolutely anything in 10 minutes.


I have a presence on more than one social media platform.


I have opinions and I can justify them in writing with evidence.


I enjoy English literature AND The Simpsons.


I enjoy history…especially the history of British fashion and society since 1960


I like it when there are hidden meanings and references in poetry, song lyrics,music videos  and posters.


I like a wide variety of types of music and know what the types of music  different BBC music stations play


I enjoy symbolism and semantics .


I want to know how to persuade people to buy stuff they don’t really need!


I want to know how to use Photoshop.


I would describe myself as an inquisitive person. Maybe my friends find me a bit irritating because sometimes I like to discuss “geeky” stuff.


If you ticked many of the above then perhaps Media Studies could be a good subject option for you. Feel free to have a chat about Media Studies or contact me during year 9 options evening.

J Hayter.  Head of Media Studies

Further Information

If you would like to find out more about the Media curriculum, please contact Mr. Hayter at: