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Mrs H Richardson 
Miss C. Yardley
Miss L. Husband
Miss K. Sayer (HOY 7)
Miss M. Wood

One of the key aims of the Physical Education and Sports department is to promote the key concepts of not only sport for all but the lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle. All students in school have one double lesson of Physical Education per week. Within PE lessons, students are encouraged to develop their techniques and skills across a range of different physical activities.

Most activities covered will be to allow all participants to engage in competition; low-level competition in PE lessons to inter- and intra-school matches. We strive to create an enthusiastic and engaging environment where all students enjoy PE and sport.

St Catherine’s Catholic School has a wealth of talented students who excel across numerous core sports and activities, and we encourage students to become successful athletes. 


KS3 PE consists of 12 different activities, and students will be able to experience these within 3 week modules. Activities within the lessons are adjusted accordingly to the meet the needs of the class.

The aim of KS3 PE is to develop and nurture the students’ sporting performance, leadership skills and understanding of health related fitness. We work hard on fostering positive attitudes towards each other and healthy and active lifestyles, self-confidence, fair play and social skills. A greater emphasis will be placed on leadership and independent learning and positive attitudes towards each other and leading a healthy and active lifestyle as they enter year 9. The method and language with which the students are taught leads directing into GCSE PE

The 5 key areas of development are:

•Skills and Performance

•Tactics and Strategies

•Evaluating and Improving

•Health and Fitness

•Leadership and Teamwork

Students will begin with Baseline Testing at the start of each year to determine their current health and skill fitness levels compared to normative data, they will revisit these Baseline test at the end of the year to measure improvements that are made. Students will also be assessed in their activities at the end of a module through applying their skills learnt in to a game situation; self, peer and teacher assessment will be implemented.    



Qualification: GCSE

Exam Board: Edexcel


Practical - 40% consisting of 3 sports (two team and one individual or vice versa)

Theory - 60% - consisting of 2 exam papers.

The course requires students to perform to an appropriate level in 3 sports and, in order to be successful it is vital that they are participating in a sport outside of school or as part of an extracurricular club.

Students will cover the following topics throughout the two year GCSE course:

Applied Anatomy and Physiology

Movement Analysis

Physical Training

Health, fitness and well-being

Sport Psychology

Socio-Cultural Influences

Application and the use of data.

Useful Information

Careers in Physical Education:

Career opportunities in the sports industry aren’t limited to those with athletic prowess; there is a wide range of positions in the field for non-athletes too. These jobs support the sports industry by providing mental and physical health services, sales and marketing revenue, and sports media content. Entry requirements range from GCSEs to Degree-level and Masters Qualifications.

Exercise Physiologist


Personal Trainer

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Sports Medicine

Sports Dietician

Sports Coach

PE Teacher

Sports Official

Sports Psychologist


Sports Journalist

Sports Photography

Sports Marketing

Leisure Management

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