Pupil Premium

St. Catherine’s Catholic School is projected to receive a 2018-19 grant of @£250,000 with a PPG for the Y7 Catch-Up Premium of just under £11,000. This grant is allocated to a discrete Pupil Premium cost centre. Students have been registered for this PP grant as either current FSM (Free School Meals) students or if they have been FSM at any stage in the previous 6 years (FSM Ever 6), are registered as Looked After Children (CLA), or satisfy the criteria for the Year 7 Pupil Premium Catch Up Fund. The school supplements this pupil premium funding to build a curriculum infrastructure that is intended to support the most disadvantaged students, even if this extends beyond the pupil premium EFA budget allocation. It should also be noted that many of these funding initiatives will have make a significant positive impact on all students.

  • @ 90% of this PPG goes towards the staffing costs (and on costs) of providing 8 teaching groups at KS3 for a 7FE set-up. In addition, extra staffing is directed into 9 teaching groups in English, Maths and Science rather than 8 (q5 groups).
  • Additional small group classes in literacy and mathematics for students who are at risk of not making the expected progress from KS2 in addition to extra ‘support class’  group at KS3, and associated staffing costs
  • We pay for the purchase for all Disadvantaged students of GCSE revision guides in all GCSE subject areas, and workbooks where published in addition to CD-ROM’s so all students could practise mathematics outside the classroom and receive immediate support and feedback. 
  • We help Disadvantaged students with the cost of educational trips 
  • We help Disadvantaged students with the cost of curriculum based activities, general equipment and uniform.
  • We pay for additional adult support to staff the Progress Centre at lunchtime and after school to ensure that students who do not have access to computers / internet at home have the opportunity to carry our research, use the school software programs or simply have a quiet place to read or complete homework.
  • Additional intervention groups for students at risk of underperforming in the basics at Key Stage 4 to ensure they are equipped for ongoing education and employment; (on-going cost on 1:1 and 1:3 small group tutors in Maths).
  • We offer a full range of additional revision classes to all KS4 students during each holiday (apart from Christmas)
  • We provide free music lessons for Disadvantaged students to ensure that Disadvantaged students are not discriminated against in terms of affording the tuition and the purchase of an instrument. (Music Opportunities Programme);
  • We pay for DT/Textiles/Catering/Art materials and other consumables needed by students so that Disadvantaged families are not disadvantaged in learning and making. 
  • The GLA NGRT reading scheme and Mathsletics programmes for Y7 Catch-Up Premium students that did not reach a score of 100 in either Reading, Grammar or Maths in Y6.
  • TA and SENCO support for SEND Catch-Up Premium students