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  • Hair should be presentable at all times. Long hair should be tied back off the face during the school day. Clips and plain navy or black bands to be used. Headbands must be discrete, ribbons and any other items used in the hair should be plain black or dark blue
  • Unconventional or elaborate hairstyles are not allowed. Hair should be near enough to your own natural colour. Please note, no pink, purple, orange etc.
  • No coloured bobbles, fancy flowers, frills, beads, bonnets or bandannas are allowed.


  • No Jewellery is allowed except for a watch
  • Jewell studs are not to be worn. No other piercing is acceptable e.g, in any part of the ear, nose, eyebrow, lip etc.
  • Excuses that they cannot be taken out will not be accepted and students will be instructed to remove the item.


  • Blue with school badge on pocket
  • Compulsory – Is to be worn at all times, (including to and from school), unless given permission by an adult to remove it. If students are warm they should remove their jumper and wear the blazer. The coat should not be worn instead of the blazer to and from school or around the school


  • Dark, navy blue  St Catherine’s V neck jumper with green stripe
  • Cardigans are not to be worn.
  • Jumpers are not to be tucked into the skirts and sleeves must meet the wrist at all times


  • White/Blue
  • Blouses must be sufficiently generous to tuck in to skirt fully
  • No tailored blouses which are designed to be worn untucked
  • No T –shirt should be visible


  • Black watch tartan skirt
  • The school skirt must be worn as designed, not rolled up at the waist.


  • Plain black opaque tights, black knee length or black full ankle socks
  • No ‘legwarmers’ or above the knee socks.
  • No logos on socks
  • No trainer socks
  • Socks or tights should be worn, not both

Outdoor coats

  • Should be plain with and black or dark blue in colour
  • Coats should be removed before entering the classroom, unless given other instructions by the teacher
  • Hoodies are not to be worn instead of coats
  • No visible logos
  • No leather or denim jackets
  • No shawls, capes or body warmers


  • Plain blue or black scarf
  • The scarf must not replace any large shawls


  • Shoes must be black and smart
  • Trainers are only allowed if students are due to do PE on that day
  • Long knee boots are not allowed
  • Heel height should be no more than 20mm



  • No make up, false or acrylic nails or nail varnish should be worn.


Please note your daughter MUST wear her school skirt over shorts, especially when travelling to school on public transport. If your daughter chooses to wear the school jogging bottoms, the skirt is not required.